I’m having increasing anxiety lately because I’m getting ready for another move. It’s not a permanent move, like the one that brought me where I currently am wasn’t a permanent one. But it’s still stressful. I have to worry about luggage being overweight, having extra luggage, making sure I remember to pack everything. I also have to worry about finding time to pack everything, as well as do some chores so the apartment isn’t a disaster for the next person to clean. As soon as I move out, a new teacher is moving in. And I work almost right up to the day when I take an eleven hour flight back to the US. I have three and half weeks left before I return to the (not so great) U. S. of A.

Speaking of America. That gives me anxiety too. Seeing what’s happening with the new president and all the things he’s changing is just… ugh. I don’t even know what to say. I’m worried about being able to get health insurance so I can continue to stay in remission with my auto-immune inflammatory disease. I’m worried about what could happen in the next year that might keep me from coming back to S.Korea to teach for another year. I’m worried about how, being a woman, will be affected by the things he’s changing. And I’m worried about how these changed will affect those around me that I love and care about.

I’m trying not to worry about how things will be when I return to the United States, especially since I have so much to do here to get ready to leave. I’m trying to make it so the teacher who takes my place isn’t left completely in the dark when it comes to teaching and what to do. Because that’s pretty much what happened to me, and the person I was directed to to ask questions wasn’t really receptive to helping. For this new person, there won’t really be anyone for them to turn to to ask questions because a lot of the teachers will be new to the school. Which is why I’m doing my best to leave information behind to help them. It’s just stressful trying to writing everything down for them for future reference. I don’t even know when this person will be coming train. I hope soon. But anyway.

I’m stressed. I’m anxious. And I probably won’t post again for awhile. Or I might. Don’t know yet.

See you in the next one.


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